The cast of The School of Rock still talk on a group chat

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Photo credit: Paramount
Photo credit: Paramount

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School of Rock will always hold a special place in all our hearts. You could probably still do the handshake if prompted, or sing every lyric from the soundtrack verbatim, and of course, you're still using the "You're tacky and I hate you" meme at every given opportunity. Well, the good news is that the cast of the 2003 film are just as invested as you and not only do they still meet up but they regularly talk on a group chat. Which we would like an invite to, please.

Maryam Hassan who rose to fame playing Tomika in the film and now works as a singer-songwriter under the name Mayhrenate, spoke to Vulture about her breakout role in The School of Rock, and explained that she and the 14 other cast members still talk 18 years later.

"We have a group chat," she said. "We keep in touch pretty frequently and drop in our projects. I drop my music in, Miranda drops her acting projects in, stuff like that. Others have left the industry and talk about their families... There’s 14 of us. A few of them had a meet-up about a year ago in New York."

Photo credit: Paramount
Photo credit: Paramount

Elsewhere in the interview Hassan spoke about what it was like acting in a huge film with Jack Black.

"As a 9-year-old, he didn’t give me the impression of being an adult. He’s a big kid. I never felt anything like, Oh my God, I’m on the set with Jack Black. He totally dispelled the notion of how a movie star would behave.

"He played games with us all the time, sang all the time, and made up songs for us when we weren’t shooting. It was really easy and fun to work with him, and he made all of us feel so comfortable, especially since most of us had never acted before."

She also explained that her character was originally named Laurie, but that she asked to change the name early on during filming.

"I pulled that name out of the sky. It had a little more flavour to it. I don’t know Laurie. I know Tamika. I gave it a shot, and they said it was perfectly fine."

So, look, can we be in the group chat please?

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