Caroline Flack was getting ‘death threats’ before taking her life, says Hollyoaks’ Stephanie Davis

Annie Lord
Getty Images

Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis has said that Caroline Flack was receiving death threats before she took her own life.

Davis, who was a friend of the former Love Island host, is proposing a new law to prevent further tragedies from happening.

She told Sky News: “[Caroline] was destroyed by it all. She had nowhere to turn, she was getting death threats. People online, bullying, that needs to stop. What’s happened to us all being kind humans, helping each other?”

“Why are we all jumping on people?” Davis continued. “Why can’t we say ‘you are clearly struggling, you clearly need help with your mental health, let’s find you a way out, let’s make this better.’

“It’s not fair what the media has done, it’s really not fair.”

The actor argued that “new adjustments” need to be made to the law in order to prevent further tragedies. Davis asked that the changes be known as “Caroline’s Law”.

When asked how Caroline’s Law would work, Davis replied: “So I would want to stop... [the release of] information that there is no evidence for and therefore is false.

“Printing source quotes from anyone or an unreliable source, invading privacy and sharing private information that is detrimental to the celebrity’s mental health and those around them.

“Paparazzi taking and printing images without permission, releasing an individuals private, medical or health-related information or their sexual orientation.

“Releasing articles about leaked explicit photos, videos and revenge porn.

“Stricter legal boundaries regarding unwanted trespassing near the property that the person may be residing or staying.

“That is what we want to try and achieve.”

Burley said: “So most of that is protected at the moment, isn’t it? it’s that it’s not policed to the extent you would like it to be?”

Davis responded: “No, it is completely not there at all otherwise this wouldn’t have happened and something needs to change and I’m willing to fight this all the way.”

Since the news of Flack’s passing, TV stars have been paying tribute to her life and career.

Laura Whitmore has called out clickbait news and online trolls for their treatment of Flack.

Meanwhile, Lewis Burton – Flack’s boyfriend – wrote on Instagram: “My heart is broken”.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, you can reach out for confidential support at Samaritans by calling 116 124 or visiting their website.