Carol Vorderman, 61, breaks down her age-defying workout regime

Carol Vorderman works hard for her toned figure. (PA)
Carol Vorderman works hard for her toned figure. (PA)

Carol Vorderman has shared her latest gym regime, revealing that she is hitting the weights hard to stop her from losing muscle mass as she grows older.

The former Countdown star, 61, says that weights are 'addictive' as she likes to watch the numbers grow as she gets stronger and can lift heavier barbells.

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The Pride of Britain host took to Instagram to share her latest workout with her fans, writing: "When I was growing up in the 60s and 70s there was no such thing as a gym unless you were a boxer or a pro athlete.

"In the 80s we were all bouncing around doing aerobics and then in the 90s these things called gyms properly started up for the masses like me. I was in there 3 times a week."

Vorderman lamented that in those days women did mainly running and body weight exercises, but now she has incorporated weights into her regime and she is loving it.

She added: "I only started with barbells and Olympic plates last year, as when you get older you lose muscle mass rapidly....and I mean RAPIDLY.

"Little did I know that weights are addictive and enjoyable and so good for you. I think it's the numbers thing for me....watching the numbers grow. Yep I like that.

The star revealed she had been out of action recently due to a rotator cuff injury, but was back in the gym and looking forward to seeing results.

"Funny how muscle memory kicks in," she wrote. "Usually takes 2/3 weeks to see a big change. Looking forward to it LOADS. Also walking lots and in the proper gym twice a week. BOOOOOMMMMM. My God it makes me smile. Happy Monday."

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Carol Vorderman also enjoys hiking and paddleboarding. (Getty Images)
Carol Vorderman also enjoys hiking and paddleboarding. (Getty Images)

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Fans were quick to praise her dedication to the gym, with one writing: "I’m in my 40s and agree with everything you’ve said. I love my strength training sessions, there’s a different buzz, energy and sense of accomplishment when you’re lifting weights and getting stronger. Here’s to us strong (somewhat older) women!"

Another replied: "Resistance is THE most important training to do as you get older, as you said about muscle loss, this reverses it."

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Vorderman is a big fan of being active. Speaking to Hello! last year, she said she keeps fit by hiking, paddle boarding and walking and she is determined to stay fit for as long as possible.

"When you get to 60 there's a big difference in your life," she said. "I'm embracing 60. I'm going to live until I'm 95, and I'm going to be the same health-wise as I am now when I'm 85. I'm fit and healthy. I consider myself young. I feel young – I move well."