Carol Vorderman reignites Michelle Mone feud with This Morning comments

Carol Vorderman said of Michelle Mone: 'I dropped her like a stone as soon as I realised what kind of person she was - sue me, Michelle.'

Video transcript

CAROL VORDERMAN: Now, I cannot talk about useless PPE without also talking about Michelle Mone, who was brought into the House of Lords as a Baroness by David Cameron. We know she has taken "leave of absence" without losing the Tory whip to start with, because she was actively involved, as it goes, with a company called PPE Medpro. Now, Michelle Mone, I knew many years ago and then dropped her like a stone as soon as I realized what kind of person she was.

Sue me, Michelle. And so she lives in the Isle of Man, with her husband, Doug Barrowman, who has been involved with numerous-- and it's all accounted-- it's all in the press.

- Carol, can I just say, she's not here to defend herself.

CAROL VORDERMAN: No, she's not here to defend herself but I'm repeating what has been said in the press and has been proven to be true.

- Yeah.

CAROL VORDERMAN: Where the guy, Anthony Page, who worked for Knox group, which is owned by Michelle Mone's husband, was awarded-- they only established as a company-- registered as a company days after she recommended them through Michael Gove and Lord Agnew, through this VIP lane.

Now 50 contracts were given. And they were all recommended by Tories. None of them through the VIP lane were recommended by any other political party. We all know it's a scandal. She-- so there were two contracts awarded. One was for gowns for 122 million, which the Department of Health paid them. They're unusable.

These are all facts. The Department of Health is now suing PPE Medpro. The National Crime Agency, the NCA, has raided all their offices.

- Wow.

CAROL VORDERMAN: And so on. So the big question to be proven, which is, was Michelle Mone actively involved and have they benefited? They bought a private jet after that. They bought a big yacht after that.

- But what can the government do?

- Right.