Carol Vorderman and Myleene Klass explain why they both ‘threw out’ bathroom scales

Carol Vorderman and Myleene Klass have said they both ditched their bathroom scales in the name of body positivity.

In a clip from tonight’s forthcoming episode of I’m A Celebrity South Africa (Wednesday 10 May), the pair are back at camp discussing whether they may have lost weight during the two weeks of filming the series.

“Have I lost weight Myleene?” Vorderman asked the popstar. “I only go on dress size.”

Former Hear’Say singer Klass told Vorderman that she had lost weight, adding that she doesn’t monitor her own weight using scales either.

Klass told her fellow campmate: “The second I had daughters, I threw out the scales. No way, I’m not going to have them ruled by numbers... only good numbers.”

The former Countdown presenter added that she also “threw out” her bathroom scales in 1999.

“I’ve not known [my weight] this century,” she added.

Likewise, Klass said that she doesn’t know the answer when people ask her how much she weighs.

Myleene Klass first appeared on I’m A Celebrity in 2006 (ITV)
Myleene Klass first appeared on I’m A Celebrity in 2006 (ITV)

“People ask me my weight all the time and I never know it,” she said. “Why would you let your children measure themselves, their value, their contribution by numbers on a scale? I can’t bear it. I was like, no, get rid, I don’t want it in the house.”

Vorderman replied: “Good for you.”

The “Pure & Simple” singer added that she wants her daughters to learn about “body positivity”.

“I think the way the way you look in the mirror is how they learn to look in the mirror. I try and show them how to look at themselves in the mirror... because I think that translates,” she said.

Klass said she thought women had been “taught” to look at parts of their body with disgust. “I remember a magazine drew a circle around my cellulite and around my ribcage and put it on the cover,” she said.

“How damaging it must be to our girls, but then boys [grow up] thinking that it’s okay.”

“Body positivity is so important. I want my girls to be empowered by what their abilities are and what they have to say for themselves and how they think,” she concluded.

I’m A Celebrity South Africa airs tonight at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX.