Carol Vorderman denies going to the races with Matt Hancock

Appearing on This Morning, former Countdown star Carol Vorderman denied hanging out with Matt Hancock at the races after being photographed with the MP at Cheltenham.

Credit: 'This Morning' / ITV / ITVX

Video transcript

CAROL VORDERMAN: All sorts of different people turn up to the races, don't they?

- Yeah, they do.

- Oh, yes, they do.

CAROL VORDERMAN: It's fantastic. Yeah.

- Because we also saw you with Matt Hancock.

CAROL VORDERMAN: Oh, right, yeah.

- How did that go?

CAROL VORDERMAN: Well, I wasn't with Matt Hancock. I was out watching Honeysuckle cantering down.

- Are you trying to defend yourself?


- Carry on.

CAROL VORDERMAN: [LAUGHS] And watching Honeysuckle with my mate Jules-- a tap on the shoulder. Hello, I'm Gina. Hello, I'm Matt-- 90-second conversation, turn around and watch the race. That's it.

- That's it?

CAROL VORDERMAN: There happened to be a photographer there for earlier.

- Well-- well, I tell you what. They're-- everybody's down here, aren't they?