The Captain Marvel directors finally answered a question about Carol Danvers' love life

Photo credit: Marvel
Photo credit: Marvel

From Cosmopolitan

  • LGBTQ+ Marvel fans have been questioning Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel's sexuality since the film came out

  • While directors have promised to include openly queer superheroes in future movies, we're yet to actually see this happen

  • Amid criticisms of queerbaiting in the whole franchise, Captain Marvel directors finally answered a question about Brie Larson's character's love life

For LGBTQ+ fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the franchise's apparent refusal to actually make any of the characters queer has been pretty disappointing. Especially considering there are shit tons of them in the comic books.

Take Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame babe Valykrie (Tessa Thompson). Despite the pegasus-riding warrior being explicitly bisexual in the comics, Tessa says a scene in which she's seen leaving a female partner's bedroom was cut from Ragnarok.

After Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers was released, LGBTQ+ fans went a bit wild online - we all got a bit excited by Carol's relationship with her "best friend" Maria (Lashana Lynch). There were lingering looks, intense levels of eye contact and an outright closeness between the characters that left us all wondering: are they banging?

Photo credit: Marvel
Photo credit: Marvel

Then Brie Larson and Tess Thompson only went and made it worse by replying to fan who made an adorable piece of art shipping their characters as a couple. "We cute," Brie replied, tagging Tessa. And again, we all got our little hopes up that maybe we'd get the queer storyline we deserve after years of watching straight characters get to fall in love in the MCU.

But nah, Avengers: Endgame came out and that didn't happen (although they did tease us with Carol's very gay new haircut...)

But got to sit down with Captain Marvel directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck and ask them outright when Carol Danvers' didn't have a romantic storyline.

And they finally actually bloody answered, while also addressing fans' hopes for Carol to be gay, bisexual or queer.

This is what they said:

"That was one of those things when we were in the writing stage, and the sky was the limit and the movie could be anything, we were discussing: 'Are we going to get into any type of romantic relationship with this character?' It wasn't like there was a philosophical opposition to pursuing that storyline; it just came down to real estate in the story we were telling. We knew we were telling a story of self discovery and we wanted friendship, and her friendship with Maria, to be a huge part of that.

"There was no room for any romantic storyline for us. I know people have made their own conclusions about that and I think that's part of the fun of making these movies is that they become the audience's movies and they get to create any kind of narrative they want for what's happening off the screen. For us, as storytellers, it's a friendship and a story about that and self discovery."

Vague to say the least, but we're by no means giving up hope...

In the meantime, we've got the DC TV series Batwoman starring Ruby Rose as out lesbian Kate Kane. It looks a bit cringe, but at least it's very explicitly gay and stays true to the comic books.

And yeah, people are pretty damn excited.

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