Capri Sun Is Changing for the First Time in Nearly a Decade

This might just mean no more broken straws.



I’ll admit, those shiny silver pouches still catch my eye. As a kid, Capri Sun was the ultimate juice drink. A comforting refreshment in Lunchables on those way-too-hot school field trips and a handy road trip treat for parents to pass to the back seat. Over the years, it became clear that an adult grabbing a cold one out of the ice bucket at a picnic might get you some strange glances. Not only are they too small to quench adult-sized thirst, but in general, the pouches tend to be implicitly reserved for kids.

But just because you get older doesn’t mean that you outgrow the love of your favorite childhood beverage. For those of us who still reach for a pouch on occasion, get excited—because according to a recent press release, customers asked and Capri Sun has delivered.

Capri Sun Is Now Available in Multi-Serve 96-Ounce Jugs

<p>Capri Sun</p>

Capri Sun

Capri Sun will now be available in large jugs exclusively at BJ’s Wholesale Club, Sam’s Club, and select Costco stores. The Capri Sun Multi-Serve holds the equivalent of 32 pouches, making it easier than ever to serve up the drink to a crowd.

Over the years, the Kraft Heinz-owned company has released new flavors worldwide, slashed sugar amounts, and even attempted new packaging ventures such as metal resealable bottles and clear-bottomed pouches. But this change is being called the biggest in nearly a decade, and it’s clear the brand is tugging at the hearts of nostalgic '90s kids.

In its latest Instagram posts, the brand calls its product an “epic childhood favorite,” in the remake of a '90s Capri Sun commercial. Commenters were quick to share their thoughts on the new size.“I’ve literally been asking for this for decades,” said one. While another replied “Getting deja vu in the best way.”

Currently the only variety available is the top-selling fruit punch flavor, though many commenters shared their hopes for a Strawberry Kiwi or Pacific Cooler option. “If you get the Pacific Cooler it’s a wrap. Imma become the happiest man alive” said one Instagrammer.  Amidst those looking forward to the product, some were unsure. “The only reason I prefer Capri Sun is [because] of the pouches I don’t want this. Make it a giant pouch,” said one commenter.

Which makes an interesting point. Is Capri Sun similar to McDonald's Sprite in that the packaging and straw are part of the experience? Or does the packaging not matter as much and the taste speaks for itself? Head to the store to decide for yourself if the new Capri Sun Multi-Serve jug lives up to the hype.

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