Everything you need to know about 'Palm Royale', the upcoming Sixties TV series starring Kaia Gerber and Kristin Wiig

palm royale
What you need to know about 'Palm Royale'Apple

If you're looking for your next fashion-forward TV fix, allow us to introduce you to the upcoming series of the season: Palm Royale, which is landing on Apple TV+ later this month.

With an enviable aesthetic that reads as Slim Aarons meets Don't Worry Darling, Palm Royale is loosely based on the book Mr and Mrs American Pie by Juliet McDaniel. Set in 1969, it follows the story of wannabe socialite Maxine, played by Kristen Wiig, who is on a quest to make her name in America’s exclusive, fashionable and treacherous Palm Beach high society – via the elite Palm Royale club.

palm royale
Allison Janney stars in the new, 1960s-set comedyApple

What is Palm Royale about?

"As Maxine attempts to cross that impermeable line between the haves and the have-nots, Palm Royale asks the same question that still baffles us today: 'How much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice to get what someone else has?'," reads Apple TV+'s description. "Palm Royale is a testament to every outsider fighting for their chance to truly belong."

In the trailer, Wiig can be seen in full Sixties glamour mode as Maxine, as she tries to break into the moneyed set: "I had only been in Palm Beach two weeks, but I already knew the Palm Royale. The most exclusive club in the world was where I belonged," she says. Things appear to take a darker turn, however, with the trailer teasing at blackmail, guns and bodies. "You're in over your head, and you don't even know it," one character tells Maxine.

kristen wiig in palm royale
Kristen Wiig plays the lead role in Palm RoyaleApple

Who's starring in it?

Kristin Wiig is taking on the lead role of Maxine, which has been tricky in terms of making the character both convincing and likeable, Wiig said in a recent interview. "I thought about, if she’s going to see the world this way, how does she move through life and convince people and stay so positive?" she says. "And have this pretty shallow goal, but be likeable? We all have times in our lives where we wanted to be someone else and maybe fit in with a certain group. It always is more than just wanting someone to like you. It’s always deeper, that need."


palm royale
Laura Dern also joins the cast of A-listersApple

She'll be joined in the series by Hollywood heavyweights Laura Dern and Allison Janney, as well as Kaia Gerber, who has taken a back seat from modelling to pursue a career in acting. And hile we're definitely tuning in for the all-star cast we're also excited for the styling: let's just say if Priscilla's costumes made you long for another vintage fashion fix, Palm Royale needs to be on your must-watch list. The trailer is joined by stills released by Apple TV+, in which the series promises to be full of kitsch, 1960s and '70s outfits – think headbands, flower-power prints, platform wedges and cat-eye sunglasses.

palm royale
Kaia Gerber is one of the main draws for the upcoming seriesApple

In the preview shots, Gerber is pictured in an orange coat, matching floral headband and platforms, with her hair teased into a curly bouffant; Wiig, meanwhile, lounges beside a pool in a classic silk headscarf, wearing white sunglasses and a patterned sundress straight from the Swinging Sixties.

How can I watch it?

The highly anticipated series will debut globally on Apple TV+, with the first three episodes airing on 20 March. New episodes will be available every Wednesday up until 8 May, for a total of 10 episodes.

Great style, an A-list cast and plenty of edge-of-the-seat intrigue? We'll be marking our calendars for the 20 March...

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