We cannot stop staring at Hailey Bieber’s *majorly* overlined lips

When it comes to all things fashion and beauty related, Hailey Bieber is our go-to girl. Whether she's bringing back the exposed thong trend, circa 2001 (IYKYK) or rocking her signature glazed doughnut skin and nails, we're so down to try it out... and by the looks of it, as is everyone else. Alas, maybe not to the extreme lengths that she goes to (wale tail, I'm looking at you) but you get the gist...

Today, the model has not only provided us with a close-up look of said glowing skin – courtesy of an Instagram selfie – but she's also revealed how and to what extent she overlines her lips. Get your pens (read: lip liners) at the ready to take note, folks.

Two of the five snaps she shared in her picture carousel over the weekend are the ones on our radar. Scroll to the second and fourth slides below to gage all that we're talking about:

As we can see, to achieve a fuller-looking pout, Hails has gone in with a lip liner pencil around the borders of both her upper and lower lip. Now, if, like us, you're intrigued as to what product she used, then listen up.

In a previous makeup tutorial that the star posted on TikTok, she shared that her favourite lip product to use is the Make Up Forever Artist Colour Pencil: Eye Lip and Brow Pencil in Anywhere Caffeine, £16.50.

Oh, and not only can this pencil be used on your lips but it is also designed for the eyes, brows and contours, too. Don't you just love an all-in-one multi-purpose product?

As for the shine on her lips, I'd assume that Hailey has used her very own Peptide Lip Treatment that, unfortunately, is yet to be made available in the UK... Rhode Beauty, WYA?! Having said that, an alternative that we love is the Lanolips 101 Ointment, £10.99.

Although I can't promise this will transform you into a nepo baby (yep, I went there), what I do know is that it'll certainly give you a glazed pout. Mwah!

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