The Canned Chili Brand We Consider The Best Of The Best

bowl of chili with cheese
bowl of chili with cheese - Rudisill/Getty Images

Even if you have the perfect quick and easy chili recipe, a great pot of chili takes time. You've got to brown the meat, chop the veggies, bloom your spices, and simmer, usually for an hour or more. If you have more time, parking your chili overnight in the fridge will significantly improve the flavor. However, if you're craving a hot bowl right now you could turn to a can, but quality can vary. To take the guesswork out of lunchtime, we ranked 12 of the best canned chili brands on flavor. While any of these cans make a good choice, only one can be the winner: Pacific Foods Organic White Bean Verde Chili.

This chili won high marks for its fresh flavor, which combines the tanginess of green tomatillos with the smokiness of poblano peppers. It also featured a good hit of tangy lime juice and herbal notes from real cilantro. This chili tastes so good that we think you'll forget that it comes from a can.

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More Reasons To Try Pacific Foods Organic White Bean Verde Chili

White Bean Verde chili can
White Bean Verde chili can

While this chili topped the list as the best tasting, you may be surprised to learn that it's plant-based and contains no tomatoes. However, those reasons are also what make it the perfect canned chili. This unique chili centers around bright flavors from several aromatic green veggies, so you won't be comparing it to a classic beef and bean chili. The jalapeños, tomatillos, and poblano peppers give the chili a backbone of freshness that canned chilis often lack. It also contains two types of beans, white and chickpeas, which provide varying texture and unbeatable flavor as they absorb the oregano, lime, and garlic notes from the thick broth.

To make this pick even better, top this chili with the classic shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream when serving. To amp up the fresh flavors, add a squeeze of lime right before digging in, and an extra sprig of fresh cilantro if you have it on hand.

Other Tasty Canned Chilis To Stock Up On

chili with cheese, sour cream, and cilantro
chili with cheese, sour cream, and cilantro - Wendytdavis/Getty Images

Pacific Foods White Bean Verde Chili wasn't the only canned chili worth a try. If you're looking for a classic red chili we spotted two other great options. If you want to go vegetarian, try Amy's Spicy Organic Chili, which was the runner-up in our canned chili ranking. The base of this chili is predominantly red beans and tofu crumbles with red bell peppers, jalapeños, garlic, and other spices. While this chili is called spicy, it had a pleasant level of spice and wasn't overly salty tasting.

If you want the full-on beef and beans experience, turn to Steak 'n Shake Canned Chili with Beans. This canned product emulates the chili served at the casual restaurant chain Steak 'n Shake. This thick and hearty chili came in third place for its no-frills combination of beef, beans, and chili seasoning. Again, a shower of shredded cheese and a spoonful of sour cream is all you need to take this chili over the top.

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