Candace Cameron Bure shares amusement after receiving JoJo Siwa-themed gift amid feud

Candace Cameron Bure shares amusement after receiving JoJo Siwa-themed gift amid feud

Candace Cameron Bure has shared her amusement after receiving a JoJo Siwa-themed gift from a public relations company amid the pair’s online feud.

On her Instagram Story on Thursday, the 46-year-old actor could be seen laughing at the camera over a package she received.

“I just found this really funny. There’s a PR company that sent me,” she said, before turning her camera towards a Diamond Art Club set, which featured an image of Siwa on it.

The gift, which seemed to be purely coincidental, came after Bure apologised to the 19-year-old dancer, who had called the her the rudest celebrity she’d ever met. Siwa’s remark was prompted by one of their previous encounters, when the Full House star reportedly rejected Siwa’s request for a picture.

On her Instagram Story, Bure then proceeded to film herself holding the art kit, before noting that, while the “timing” of the gift was strange, she was still excited to use it. The company sent the gift along with a note that read: “Hope you love this JoJo Siwa x @DiamondArtClub gift.”

“Coincidence?” she asked. “Just weird timing, I don’t know. But it looks really cute and when one of my goddaughters comes over, we are going to do this.”

In her apology video posted to Instagram last week, the Christmas Under Wraps star said that she had had a conversation with Siwa, during which the 19 year old had recalled the interaction that had taken place between the pair.


According to Bure, Siwa said: “You know, I met you at the Fuller House premiere and I was 11 years old. And we were all on the red carpet and I had come up to you and I said: ‘Can I have a picture with you?’ and you said to me: ‘Not right now,’ and then you proceeded to do what you were doing and take pictures with other people on the red carpet.”

Bure went on to note how “crummy” she felt for “breaking” the Dance Mom alum’s heart at the time.

However, in an interview with Page Six , Siwa said that Bure did not tell the full story, noting that the incident took place “at the afterparty” and that she was “okay” with the fact that Bure didn’t want to take a picture. However, she said that when she “turned around” to see the actor taking pictures with other children, she was “really, really upset”.

“It’s one of those memories when you’re little and somebody says something to you, and you just never forget it as long as you live – I think we’ve all had that moment – and I feel like this was that moment for me,” Siwa explained.