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Need To Cancel A Beauty Appointment Because Of Covid-19? Here Are Your Options

As more and more of us embrace working from home, socialising with our S.O. or housemates only, and the realisation that we might have to actually cook from scratch for once, life in a Covid-19 era is changing. And that means those long overdue nail, hair, wax and facial appointments could be going the way of Glastonbury.

Of course, between supporting local businesses, helping those who are more vulnerable and fully appreciating the NHS workers who don't get to email from their sofa, changing a beauty appointment is relatively low down on the importance scale. But, if you'd rather reschedule your manicure, buy a gift card in the mean time or cancel your appointment entirely, we've checked out your options.

Before we get started, in line with government advice, the main rule to follow here is: Are you feeling unwell? If so, stay at home. That hair appointment can wait. Your hairstylist doesn't want to contract the virus as much as you don't.

But, if, like a lot of us, you've had that wax booked in for months and you're still feeling tip top but you're conscious of social distancing, we've got the lowdown on what to do if you need to cancel or reschedule, and just as importantly, how you can still support employees in our beloved beauty industry during this strange and scary time.

Consider this your beauty appointment during Covid-19 checklist...

Need To Cancel A Beauty Appointment Because Of Covid-19? Here Are Your Options

From re-scheduling to supporting smaller businesses