Canadian woman shares late father's brutally honest obituary: 'Karma'

Some TikTok users said writing the obituary must have been cathartic for the Ontario woman.

Amanda Denis shared a brutally honest obituary about her father. (TikTok/@amandadenis0)
Amanda Denis shared a brutally honest obituary about her father. (TikTok/@amandadenis0)

A Canadian woman is commemorating her late father with a brutally honest obituary.

In a TikTok earlier this week, Ontarian Amanda Denis celebrated her father's passing with an unfiltered obituary, calling out his alleged problematic behaviours.

Denis paired her video with a caption that lamented her reluctance to publish her father's obituary, as it contains certain uncomfortable "truths" that might be difficult to confront.

"Nobody will post my father's obituary. Nobody wants to be confronted with the truth. How can people censor truth? Ask anyone who knew him!" she said.

Denis started the obituary off strong, saying, "I am pleased to announce the passing of Stefan Harold Kandulski."

She went on to express the animosity toward her late father, whom she dubbed a "#DeadBeatDad."

Denis described Kandulski's final days after he endured multiple strokes, "thankfully leaving him unable to speak, the abusive, narcissistic absentee father/husband/brother/son finally kicked the bucket.

"Because he treated people with disdain, there will be no service," she added.

Denis thanked the hospital staff who cared for her father leading up to his death.

"Special thank you to the staff at the Penticton Regional Hospital for putting up with this miserable human for so long, the residents and staff at Sunshine Ridge for their support toward his family at this time, and karma for doing what she does best," she quipped.

Denis' TikTok quickly went viral and garnered praise from commenters for her honesty.

"This is amazing. I am proud of you," one person penned.

"He's lucky you even said anything at all," someone else weighed in.

"Thank you for your bravery," another TikTok user wrote.

"You are legendary!" a commenter shared.

Another sounded off: "It's OK that you shared this. It is part of your healing."

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