Canadian twins given '0% chance of survival' celebrate 1st birthday

These adorable Canadian premature twins are continuing to defy the odds.

These adorable Canadian premature twins are continuing to defy the odds.

Over the weekend, Guinness World Records took to Twitter to celebrate Adiah Laelynn and Adrial Luka Nadarajah's first birthday with a commemorative video, and announce them as the new record holders for being the world's lightest and most premature twins.

Adiah, who was born 23 minutes before her brother, weighed 330 g, and Adrial weighed 420 g — a combined weight of 1.65 lb.

At birth, which occurred in April of last year, the pair were given a "0% chance of survival," as they arrived at a gestational age of 22 weeks — 126 days early.

“When I went into labour, the babies were denied all life-sustaining measures at the hospital I was admitted to and almost left to die,” the twins' mother, Shakina Rajendram, recalled in the video interview shared by Guinness World Records. "We were in shock."

Rajendram explained that the next day she was transferred to Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Ont., where she was warned by a specialist of her babies' low survival chances if they were born ahead of the 22-week mark.

The twins held out until exactly 22 weeks — just 15 minutes past midnight.

The twins weren't quite out of the woods yet, however. They spent the subsequent 6 months in the hospital where they faced several complications including infections that led to sepsis, brain bleeds and extremely thin and fragile skin.

Adiah was the first to be given the OK to leave the hospital, after 161 days in the NICU, and Adrial a week later. While Adrial revisited the hospital twice due to infections and respiratory issues since then, Rajendram said both babies are making excellent progress.

“She’s [Adiah] an extremely happy and social baby, and smiles all day long,” Rajendram shared. “She is very chatty and has ‘conversations’ with us and her toys for hours.”

“Observant, attentive and intelligent,” she said of Adrial.

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