Canadian influencer Alicia Mccarvell calls out 'weak' body shamers who suggest her husband has a fat fetish

The Halifax-based content creator says she feels bad for people who solely base their value on their appearance.

Alicia Mccarvell is calling out body shamers who suggest her husband only chooses her because of a fetish. (Photo via @aliciamccarvell on Instagram)
Alicia Mccarvell is calling out body shamers who suggest her husband only chooses her because of a fetish. (Photo via @aliciamccarvell on Instagram)

Alicia Mccarvell is hitting back at body-shaming critics who say her husband's only with her because of a fetish.

The Canadian influencer shared an Instagram Reel on Wednesday calling out some people who've left hateful comments on the platform. She began her video with screenshots of users writing things like "definitely a fetish" and "it must be because not only is she fat AF she's not even cute."

While the Halifax-based content creator says she typically ignores online trolls, she didn't hold back in her response this time: "I always find these comments very funny because they typically come from a thin woman."

Mccarvell went on to share her belief that people likely share mean comments like this because they're trying to "justify in their brain why" someone with muscles like her husband chooses someone with her body type over someone else. She chalked it up to be the only "viable reason" they might think this way is because "he fetishizes fat people."

"The reason why he chooses me is because I'm not an asshole," she noted. "You look at Scott and you think that he's valuable because of the way that he looks. And then you look at yourself as a thin person and you think you're more valuable than me because you're thin, and that's how you're justifying your scale of your value.

"People like me and Scott don't use that scale system. If you want to stick with that, ... you go ahead but that doesn't last forever."

She went on to say her personality brings a lot of value and that someone's appearance isn't everything: "Sure, he looks good with his shirt off, but he's the most loyal and funniest person that I've ever been with — and that's not going to change when he gets old and saggy."

"I hope that one day people can move away from valuing themselves based on how they look on the outside. ... I feel bad for people who value themselves like that because that's weak," she ended her clip.

People in the comments section of her post raved over her message, showing their support for the body-positive influencer.

"You absolutely nailed this," penned fellow Canadian content creator Sarah Nicole Landry.

"As a person who has been with the same partner my entire adult life (33 years), he loved me 100 pounds ago, I loved him as he struggled. ... Love, respect and commitment have nothing to do with what size clothes we wear. Watching you both support each other is inspirational!" one fan added.

"This synopsis and analysis is spot on," another chimed in.

This isn't the first time Mccarvell has opened up about this issue. In April, she also called out people who criticized that her husband "deserved better" than her. In that video, she also put a spotlight on commenters who said things like "bro married his 3rd @," and "bro deserves better he had to marry his 5th @ for free Wifi and a mansion."

Mccarvell retorted with "boys are so unoriginal it hurts." She also captioned her post, saying, "The same boys who call me names and tell me to get into the gym are the ones that make fun of me for being in one." In the post's comments section, fans once again came with support for Mccarvell.

"And they are the same boys who hit their peak in high school," one person quipped.

"They are just mad that an awesome, handsome man like Scott is secure in his marriage to a beautiful and awesome woman!" another wrote.

"If they want your man, they can just say that," someone added.

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