The Canadian Costco Food Court Meal We Can Only Dream Of In The US

Costco pizza box
Costco pizza box - grandbrothers/Shutterstock

No matter where in the world you do your Costco shopping, you're bound to be tempted by the delicious smells and enticing low prices at the Costco food court. But not all Costco food courts offer the exact same products. At most Costco food courts in the United States, you can get your hands on a slice of pizza, the iconic $1.50 hot dog combo that the CFO of Costco swore would not be rising in price anytime soon, and even a cup of soft serve ice cream that hits the spot on extra hot days. For most members, this lineup satisfies their hunger after a long day of bulk shopping. That is until you realize that some international Costco locations have a more interesting offering when it comes to the food court menu.

According to a photo shared on the Costco Reddit thread, our neighbors to the north are enjoying a $6.99 chicken strips and fries combo. (And that's in Canadian dollars.) The photo shows an updated Canadian Costco food court menu, shocking U.S. members on the thread who would love to try Costco's take on chicken strips and french fries.

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Kirkland Brand Chicken Strips And Fries Sound Like A Great Post-Shopping Meal

Canada Costco food court menu
Canada Costco food court menu - Reddit/thermal7

One Reddit user responded to Canadian Costco's addition of chicken fingers to menus, writing, "Chicken and fries would be such a hit in the states." Other users were surprised to find out that the U.S. Costcos do not in fact offer this reasonably priced combo. Another Redditor expressed what we are all thinking: "I guess I gotta move to Canada." Apparently, the chicken strips offered at Canadian Costco food courts are so delicious, Canadian Costco members on Reddit have been attempting to figure out who manufactures the product, although a definitive answer has yet to be found.

Considering America's reputation for deep fried foods, it is pretty ironic that Costco food courts in the U.S. have never actually offered french fries, per The Motley Fool. Judging from the photo of Costco's latest food court menu, it appears that locations in Canada offer a chicken strip combo meal in place of the Costco food court chicken bakes that U.S. members have easy access to. For now, we will ease the sting of jealousy over Canada's chicken strip and fries combo with a fresh chicken bake.

These International Costco Food Court Offerings Have Us Ready To Book A Flight

Costco Banh Mi sandwich
Costco Banh Mi sandwich - Costcofindsau / Instagram

The chicken strip combo isn't the only unique Costco food court item that Canada is keeping to themselves. Traditional Canadian poutine -- fries covered in gravy and cheese curds -- have been known to appear on menus for an extremely affordable rate, and Costco members in the United States are totally jealous that Canada has more than one potato option to choose from. And they aren't the only ones -- Costco food courts in the UK offer a baked potato. According to a Reddit post from a Costco member in Edinburgh, Scotland, you can top your baked potato (labeled "jacket potato") with beans, chili, cheese, and even tuna.

If you want to travel a little bit further for an exciting sandwich option, consider stopping by an Australian Costco. According to an Instagram post, Costco food courts in Sydney, Australia offer a Vietnamese style banh mi sandwich with your choice of either pork or chicken.

For those hoping to add "international Costco food courts" to their bucket list, you may need to renew your passport but you definitely won't need a secondary Costco account. With a Costco membership, you have access to every location worldwide. Next time you're traveling abroad, check out what the local Costco food court looks like and thank us later.

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