You can now sleep like a baby at London's first womb-inspired hotel

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
The Womb Room is designed to give guests a great night’s slumber [Photo: Billy Bolton]

Whether it’s down to work-related stress or one too many coffees, it can sometimes take a whole load of tossing and turning before finally catching some good old ZZZs.

Now, a London-based hotel is offering guests the chance to sleep like a baby (quite literally).

The Zed Rooms in Shoreditch has launched after nine months in the making and the collaborative project between boutique apartment business Cuckooz and sleep specialists Simba is designed to deliver a home away from home. 

One standout room in particular, is designed to provide the best night’s sleep possible courtesy of its womb-inspired interiors.

The room’s womb-inspired interiors is designed to make guests feel safe and secure [Photo: Billy Bolton]

The Woom Room features a cocoon-shaped bed which has been crafted to imitate the safety and security of the womb.

Designed to encourage REM-rich slumber (the type of sleep which increases brain activity, promotes learning and creates dreams) – the rooms engage with every sensorial touchpoint of the body.

In simpler terms, the suite will help to enhance your night’s sleep from the very moment you step through the door by helping you to recharge.

Anyone else tempted to book a room to escape the last-minute festive panic? [Photo: Billy Bolton]

Muted lighting and blackout blinds will help to promote positivity and relaxation while the room’s temperature-regulating mattresses provide a cosy resting place.

But a good night’s kip extends far beyond just a luxurious bed, as there’s even a bespoke sleep menu on offer which is rich in serotonin, melatonin and tryptophan – all contributors to feelings of happiness and overall wellbeing.

The Zed Rooms’ living space comes with yoga mats to help guests wind down before bed [Photo: Billy Bolton]

 Meditation and yoga practice is also encouraged during your stay, as the penthouse terrace comes decked with mats and ‘calm’ apps easily accessed on shared iPads.

On the new venture, sleep psychologist at Simba, Hope Bastine, said: “Sleep is an all-encompassing experience and every element matters. The Zed Rooms are an elaborate infrastructure of symbiotic components, geared entirely to honing quality sleep. Fine tuning you overnight to navigate whatever life throws at you the following day.”

We don’t know about you but we can’t think of a greater place to escape the manic run-up to Christmas

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