Campbell’s Just Released a Limited-Edition Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

And it could already be in a supermarket near you.



Iconic pop artist Andy Warhol famously painted a set of 32 portraits of Campbell’s soup cans, one for every flavor that was available in 1962 when he set up his canvases and got to work. When asked why he chose to commemorate something as simple as soup cans, he basically said he just painted what he knew. “I used to have the same lunch every day for twenty years, I guess,” he said. “The same thing over and over again.”

These days, Campbell’s offers so many kinds of soup — not to mention styles like Chunky, Home Style, and Healthy Request — that Warhol might have second-guessed this idea before he even started. And Campbell’s has just announced a new, limited-edition soup that takes a classic comfort food combination and puts it into a single can. 

Campbell’s Limited-Edition Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup was announced by a pair of food-focused Instagram accounts that both shared photos of the retro-looking red and yellow can. “Campbell's knows how much y'all love grilled cheese with tomato soup and is just cutting straight to the point with a new Grilled Cheese & Tomato soup,” the @Snackolator account wrote. “[The soup] features the tomato soup you all know from Campbell’s and blends in that cheesy goodness of a grilled cheese.” 

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The @CandyHunting account provided a few more details, adding that it was a combination of “traditional condensed Campbell’s tomato soup,” cream, Cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack, and a “surface ripened semisoft cheese” like Muenster.

A couple of Instagram commenters said they’d already seen the soup at their local supermarkets, while others were already imagining a big bowl of grilled cheese and tomato… possibly with a side of grilled cheese. “I’m still dipping a grilled cheese in it.,” one person wrote, while another admitted that they’d “eat it straight from the can.”  No one who commented on either account had tried the soup yet, so there was some speculation about its flavor. “I’m thinking [it would taste like] SpaghettiOs without the noodles,” one Instagrammer suggested. “Could be good!”

Because this is The Internet we’re talking about, there were some critics in the comments too. ‘The textural contrast [between the soup and the sandwich] is half the reason why it works,” one person grumbled. “Nobody wants to slurp a sandwich.” Another soup dissenter added that this pre-fab combination would be “a swing and a miss.” 

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Beyond all that, Campbell's just announced a fitting sweepstakes, just ahead of National Grilled Cheese Day: The company is giving away a free two-pack of the new flavor. No purchase is required; all you have to do is enter before March 20.

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