Camila Cabello has an autumn hair refresh with streaky Y2K highlights

Thanks to TikTok and its many influencers, in recent years, hairstyles and colours from way back when (read: the 90s and early 00s) have made their way into some of the most popular looks of today. So much so, they've even become on trend again – skinny eyebrows, I'm looking at you *shudders in bushy brow supremacy*. But it's not the pencil-thin look that Camila Cabello is after today, no. Instead, it's a style that I, personally, could get on board with. Allow me to [re]introduce to you: streaky highlights.

Recently, Camila took us all by surprise with a guest performance at Blackpink's concert in Los Angeles. And not only did she show her support for the group by wearing a custom-made outfit crafted from the band's tour merchandise, but she also rocked a star-studded hair and makeup look. Spoiler: it's a very on-brand style for both sets of artists.

To debut said glam, Camila's beauty squad including her hairstylist, Dimitris Giannetos and MUA, Patrick Ta took to Instagram, both sharing two-part carousel posts. But don't let me keep you from indulging, take a peak at the glorious look below:

As shown, Dimitris has styled the star's hair pin-straight but more importantly, the colour (and the black choker) is giving Christina Aguilera's 'Dirrty' era vibes circa 2000. The main body of her locks have been kept as they previously were, 'brownie batter brunette' but to add a Y2K twist, she has opted for face-framing blonde money pieces.

As for the makeup, Patrick has coordinated Cam's look with her 'fit choosing to work up a shimmery pink eye and matching blushed cheek and pout. Oh, and we can't forget to mention that baby pink glitter-finished snake going through her right eye. With this, there's no disputing that makeup is, in fact, an art. *Chef's kiss*.

BRB, I just need to figure out an appropriate way to recreate this look for my weekly Tesco run...

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