Calm anxiety with deep breathing techniques

·1-min read

With the fast pace of modern life, it's little surprise many of us often feel overwhelmed.

But while it's not always possible to head to a yoga class or do a full meditation session, taking a few minutes to focus on your breathing can make all of the difference.

Next time you are feeling stressed or anxious, certified positive psychologist, Dawn Baxter, advises taking a couple of minutes to ground yourself and focus on the breath.

"Give yourself a space that is calm and if not completely quiet, free of loud noises and distractions. Close your eyes if possible and breathe in for four seconds, holding the breath for seven seconds, and exhaling for eight seconds," she explained.

Repeat the process and keep your mind focused on counting.

Dawn noted that this type of relaxation breath work allows the body to still, blood pressure to stabilise, for oxygen to meet your vital needs and slow the mind.

"The intentional focus on the breath and the rhythmic flow takes over to calm and soothe calming the inner panic and bringing the mind back to something practical for your body that feels good," the expert continued. "Try not to ignore your heartbeat when anxious but don't allow it to cause alarm, just be at peace with it until it stabilises."

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