Call the Midwife star on Cyril’s words to Matthew on his wedding

Call the Midwife star on Cyril’s words to Matthew on his wedding

Call the Midwife season 12 spoilers follow.

Call the Midwife has aired one of its most anticipated weddings, seeing Trixie (Helen George) and Matthew (Olly Rix) finally tie the knot.

In the wake of the episode, Rix sat down with Digital Spy to reflect on a precious piece of advice Cyril Robinson (Zephryn Taitte) gave Matthew on his big day.

As Matthew and Trixie had a fight before the ceremony, Cyril had some advice to offer the groom before he could say "I do."

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"Never lose sight of the love. It's what got you this far, and it will carry you forward," Cyril tells Matthew. It seems these wise words also apply to Cyril's very own relationship with his wife Lucille (Leonie Elliott), who has taken a job in Jamaica.

"I think it's pretty universally applicable advice," Rix said.

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"But they don't know each other brilliantly. It's sort of, you know, greetings card advice, I suppose. It's like saying to somebody, 'Just try your best, and be your best self'. It's never really going to go wrong, is it?

"You could give anybody that piece of advice, and it's pretty sound."

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Rix explained Cyril's advice could be relevant to both his and Taitte's characters.

"I feel like [Cyril] was sort of gifting that to [Matthew] as a reminder of what's fundamentally important, not really knowing why he was on this bench, or why he's having a freakout, or whatever else," Rix explained.

"But it could very well be something that's echoing around his own head, and something that he's thinking about in regards to his own relationship.

"It could possibly have been even more about him than it is about Matthew," he conceded.

"But it's still moving."

Call the Midwife airs on Sunday nights on BBC One and streams on BBC iPlayer.

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