Calculator for iPad does the math for you

One way to know for sure that you're at a developer conference: The crowd gets really excited when you announce a new Calculator app. The addition of the app got (by far) the biggest applause pop at WWDC 2024 so far. Granted, the company has an hour or so left to announce all of its intelligence features.

iOS' perennial tips calculating app is finally coming to the larger screen. The feature utilizes the additional screen real estate to bring new features that the company couldn't really jam into the iPhone. The biggest arrival here is the addition of Math Notes: The additional feature does the math for you.

The feature that makes iPad an even more interesting option is the academic segment, though plenty of teachers will no doubt balk at an app that does all of the work for users. And we thought we had it good with graphing calculators back in the day.

Draw a formula with the Apple Pencil, and the on-board AI will do the difficult job of actually solving the problem. Apple briefly noted during today's event that the feature is also coming to macOS Sequoia. Both it and iPadOS 15 should be arriving later this year.

Apple also announced visionOS 2 for the Vision Pro as well as updates to the Photos app.