Cadbury's White Chocolate Creme Eggs Have Returned!

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better than Quality Street bringing back the Honeycomb Crunch (the undisputed MVP of the Christmas chocolate tin), another cult favourite made a comeback.

That’s right, White Chocolate Creme Eggs have been spotted on shelves once again. The sweet treats usually don’t appear until nearer Easter, but we’re certainly not complaining. The more Creme Eggs, the better.

The White Chocolate Creme Eggs were last available in 2019… well, sort of. Cadbury launched the ‘Half and Half’ Creme Egg as part of a competition. If you found the 50% Dairy Milk and 50% white chocolate eggs, you’d win yourself a whopping £1,000 prize. We’ll never forget the student who accidentally ate theirs, without knowing just how valuable the chocolatey treat was. Ouch.

We’ve got Instagram user, @NewFoodsUK, to thank for the discovery. They broke the news that the White Chocolate Creme Eggs were available in Farmfoods now, alongside caramel-filled and classic Creme Eggs.

Unsurprisingly, people were thrilled by the chocolatey news (so much so, that the post has racked up over 11,000 likes already). One fan commented: “Omgg NEED these in my life,” while another added: “WHITE CHOCOLATE CREAM EGG?! I need to try.” Our thoughts exactly.

We've also found 12 packs available to buy on Amazon. Thank you, chocolate gods!

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