Cadbury Is Launching A New Flavour Of Twirls And It Sounds Outrageous

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Cadbury Twirls are delicious as they are – there’s no two ways about it. But any opportunity to add more flavour into any Cadbury chocolate and we’re here for it.

First, Cadbury gave its Twirls a zesty uplift by launching the Orange Twirl, which went down an absolute storm. But now there’s a new flavour on the block which is set to make an even bigger splash.

Caramel Twirls are officially a thing, and they’re coming to the UK very damn soon apparently!

Caramel Twirls have been a firm favourite with our friends over in Australia for a long time, and we’ve always been jealous that they could just pop to their local corner shop or supermarket to get their caramel, chocolate fix. But now we can too! Well, we’ll be able to soon, anyway.

According to @kevssnackreviews on Instagram, the Caramel Twirl is set to appear in UK stores in the not-too-distant future. Hooray!

According to our friends Down Under, the Caramel Twirl is simply made up of caramel flavoured Cadbury milk chocolate twirled ribbons, which sounds perfectly lovely to us.

If Caramel Twirls and Orange Twirls aren’t exciting enough for you, did you know that a Caramilk Twirl exists? Again, annoyingly, it’s most commonly found in Australia, but thanks to GB Gifts you can order yourself one (or 20…), and have the best night of your life?

You do you, yeah?

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