Cadbury Drops Brand New Dairy Milk Salted Caramel Nibbles

Cadbury Dairy Milk really is top tier chocolate, and whenever there's a new flavour in the range, we're very excited to give it a try.

The latest entry into the Cadbury Dairy Milk family is salted caramel, and with a share-sized chocolate bar launched just this month, we're delighted to report that there are already some Dairy Milk Nibbles with the salted caramel filling in shops right now!

Snack fanatics @treatsinstore spied the new product in a One Stop for £1.35, and they say the Nibbles will be available in Tesco stores soon.

The new Nibbles will come in the classic 120g bag size (although tbh we'd welcome a bigger bag size always...) and will be made from the iconic Dairy Milk chocolate that's 100% sustainably sourced.

The Nibbles will be filled with the brand new salted caramel filling, and we'd wager they'd make the ultimate movie night snack.

While we're always here for a salted caramel moment, the hottest trend in the chocolate world right now is blonde chocolate. The caramelised white chocolate treat has been making waves in both big chocolate brands like Cadbury and supermarket own bars, with Milkybar releasing a gold version of their white chocolate just this month.

The hot new choc also comes in bitesize form, with Milkybar Gold Buttons spotted in Morrisons this week. If you're a Cadbury stan, why not give Caramilk, the brand's delicious blonde chocolate range, a try?