Cadbury adds two new chocolates to Heroes box

Sabrina Barr
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Cadbury adds two new chocolates to Heroes box

Cadbury has announced the addition of two new chocolates to its signature Heroes box.​

The Heroes box have been a staple at family gatherings since its original release in 1999, making an appearance at a variety of events from birthdays to Christmas feasts.

While many Brits will surely have become accustomed to the assortment of Cadbury confectionery in the mix, taking their pick from chocolates such as mini Dairy Milk bars, Eclairs and Twirls, this year the box will be updated for the first time since 2014.

From April, consumers in the UK will be able to purchase Heroes boxes with the new additions of Dinky Deckers and Crunchie Bits, miniature versions of classic chocolate bars Double Deckers and Crunchies.

Cadbury has assured that none of the other chocolates in the box will be replaced.

"With the introduction of these iconic chocolates to the Cadbury Heroes mix, chocolate fans are sure to be in for a real treat," Cadbury states.

"No flavours will be removed from the existing Cadbury Heroes offering, providing a more even spread across all of the variants, making this a perfect selection for sharing with friends and family."

The 290g Heroes box has a recommended retail price of £4.50.

However, retailers can choose to set their own price for the mix, Cadbury explains.

The updated Cadbury Heroes box, including the Dinky Decker and Crunchie Bits (Cadbury)

In December 2018, several Twitter users became embroiled in a heated debate regarding the inclusion of Eclairs in Heroes boxes.

Some argued that the chocolate treat shouldn't be included in the mix, as, unlike the other chocolates in the range, they're not smaller than their normal size.

Others also expressed their belief that Eclairs aren't worthy of being featured in the assortment as they're not as tasty as the other chocolates.

"Annual reminder that anyone who defends Eclairs as a worthy Miniature Hero is 100 per cent going to hell," one person wrote on Twitter.

However, others jumped to the Eclairs' defence.

“I love Eclairs. I always scoff the lot,” someone else said.

“Bloody finger of fudge is what should not be there," they added.