This cactus Christmas tree is the festive alternative you didn’t know you needed

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This cactus-shaped Christmas tree stands at 6ft tall (Amazon)
This cactus-shaped Christmas tree stands at 6ft tall (Amazon)

One of the best things about the festive season is the soft pine scent that wafts off the Christmas trees.

However, while the pine tree is a staple in many households, some people are embracing more modern alternatives.

Namely, a Christmas ‘tree’ in the shape of a cactus.

The artificial tree is 6ft tall and comes with a pre-lit design, with 160 low voltage LED lights already placed on the tree.

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The ‘tree’ also comes with 40 red and gold ornaments which need to be placed on individually.

It also doesn’t come cheap. The UK version of the tree is being sold on Amazon for £196.36 a pop plus £2.98 for delivery.

If you order the tree now, its estimated delivery date is between November 3 and 13 this year.

The cactus Christmas tree comes with red and gold baubles (Amazon)
The 'tree' also comes with 40 red and gold ornaments which need to be placed on individually. (Amazon)

The US version of the tree is currently sold out, but there are glowing reviews.

One user, Shannon, said: “One of the best Amazon purchases I have ever made. I moved to Arizona and clearly needed to celebrate properly. What better way to do that than with a Christmas cactus?”

Another, Amanda said: “My new tradition will now forever be putting up and decorating the Christmas cactus.”

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If you’re looking for other Christmas tree alternatives, you could also try a succulent ‘Christmas tree’, which is ideal for small flats.

UK florist, Bloom & Wild also does a letterbox Christmas tree each year with a mini Christmas tree packaged (with ornaments) in a box slim enough to fit through your letterbox.

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This year, Bloom & Wild has three different mini Christmas tree options which are, again, ideal for small spaces.

You can choose from the Christmas jumper tree, the Twinkle tree and the Tiny Treats tree. Prices range from £33 to £39.

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