Buying London: who is Daniel Daggers, star of Netflix's new luxury property show?

Buying London is a new Netflix show centred on UK estate agents (Netflix)
Buying London is a new Netflix show centred on UK estate agents (Netflix)

London estate agent Daniel Daggers is set to star in new Netflix show Buying London, the UK’s answer to Selling Sunset.

Daggers, who goes by the nickname Mr Super Prime online, says he has sold £5 billion of property to London’s elite.

He’s one of the new wave of propfluencers using social media to build an audience online.

“We’re moving the industry forward,” Daggers told Homes and Property.


“If you ask most people if they’ve had a good experience with estate agents they’ll say no. I want to have a positive impact on the industry.”

He wants to shake up the super prime property market, whose traditional agents — he states in the Netflix trailer — have become “stuck in their ways”.

It comes at a pivotal moment for London’s prime property market, where mega mansions are having to be sold at a discount as the market comes under pressure from Brexit and political uncertainty.

Dramatic beginnings

Daggers’ colourful property career has already made headlines.

He spent 12 years working for international agency Knight Frank, becoming partner on the company’s team focused on the London super prime market.

Super prime is considered the top 10 per cent of a given market in terms of price bracket, which in London starts around the £10 million point.

Daggers sold one of London’s most expensive houses, 3 Carlton Gardens, to American billionaire hedge funder Ken Griffin for a reported £95 million in 2019.

As an agent, Daggers has championed the American style of property brokerage, where agents develop a strong online brand to connect with their audience and give an inside look and the expensive homes on their books and the glamorous lives they lead.

Daggers resigned from Knight Frank in November 2019 and left at the start of 2020 after allegedly being reprimanded for sharing photos of a client’s home to his large Instagram following without permission.

The client alledgedly complained the pictures invaded their privacy and Daggers was placed on gardening leave.

Rise of the property influencers

Daggers struck out on his own that same year and founded DDRE Global, an independent agency/content factory based in Marylebone co-working space.

In his new model, agents act as influencers and connect direct to their consumer.

“The human being is the advertiser. A corporate message is nowhere near as impactful as personal content,” he told Homes and Property.

“People get the glory for the work they do.”

Buying London will follow Daggers and his team as they promote some of the most expensive homes currently on the market.

As well as behind-the-scenes look at the high-end homes looking for super wealthy buyers, Daggers will proselytise for his mode of estate agency.

“The big organisations tend to employ the cliché real estate agent,” Daggers says in the trailer. “Old-school money, went to the right universities, they look the same, act the same. There’s a few of them wearing jumpers around their shoulders.”

Netflix is yet to announce the full cast, but one of DDRE Global’s advisor’s is Rosi Walden, who previously starred in Made in Chelsea.

Selling Sunset gained a cult following for its cast of glamorous estate agents vying for wealthy buyers with Beverly Hills brokerage the Oppenheim Group.

Expect similar drone shots, monologues to the camera, and a pumping score to accompany London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods.

Whether Buying London will produce break-out reality TV stars such as Christine Quin (who sold high end homes with Botox and Burgers parties) and Chrishell Stause (now married to nonbinary muscian G Flip) remains to be seen, and the UK cast will have big shoes to fill in terms of fashion and fights.

Buying London launches on Netflix this May.