Butterfinger BB's: The Discontinued Candy We Wish We Had Back

bags of Butterfinger BB's
bags of Butterfinger BB's - butterfinger_bbs / Instagram

When it comes to discontinued snack foods that people have a hard time letting go of, Butterfinger BB's rank pretty high on the list. The small, round version of Butterfinger's famous candy bar first made its debut in the early part of the 90s and was featured in an advertising campaign starring none other than "The Simpsons" (as illustrated by a 1994 commercial courtesy of YouTube). People continue to pine for the snack years later, with a candy fan on Reddit describing it as "hands down my most favorite candy growing up."

As for when Butterfinger BB's were officially yanked from store shelves, it seems that they were discontinued by 2006. The move raised the ire of Butterfinger fans, who were equally flummoxed when the brand decided to change its recipe in 2019. The primary difference between the old and new Butterfinger is that the latter version is less sweet, with a more peanut-forward flavor. While some people enjoy the new spin on the classic candy, not everyone has been impressed. According to one Redditor, "Well more sad news to us Butterfinger lovers of today, they changed the recipe a while back and they are hot garbage now." This change in recipe is one of many decisions that have left Butterfinger enthusiasts looking for answers.

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Why Were Butterfinger BB's Discontinued?

Butterfinger candy bars for sale
Butterfinger candy bars for sale - Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It's very rare that companies address the reasoning behind their decisions to discontinue products. For instance, Hershey's never sufficiently explained the discontinuation of S'Mores bars even though consumers still talk about the treat more than a decade later. However, Butterfinger did directly address the topic on social media, explaining that the stoppage of BB's had to do with profits. In reply to a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, the candy manufacturer stated, "Sadly, Butterfinger BB's were discontinued due to low sales."

Despite the clear-cut answer, others have their own opinions on the discontinuation, such as the possibility that the snacks pose a choking hazard. Per another X commenter, "I heard it was because kids were trying to eat em like Bart Simpson in the TV ad and were choking on em." It's also been asserted that the discontinuation could have stemmed from quality issues with the candy, as there are claims that BB's chocolate exterior was prone to melting rapidly. However, it doesn't appear that other Butterfinger products experience the same fate when you consider how many distinct versions of the candy bar are currently available for sale.

How To Get Your Butterfinger Fix (Sans BB's)

assorted mini candy bars
assorted mini candy bars - Nkbimages/Getty Images

It's true that BB's are no more, and there's no indication that the once-beloved candy will ever make its auspicious return. However, Butterfinger offers other versions of its classic candy bar that may scratch the itch. Butterfinger Minis don't come in the same pleasing round shape as BB's, but these treats are far more poppable than a standard-size Butterfinger bar. For something a bit more substantial yet still convenient, Butterfinger Fun Size is another good option. While you're snacking, keep in mind that a certain number of fun-size candy bars will equal a full bar.

Up until recently, Butterfinger also offered Nest Eggs, which were about as close to BB's as a snack fan could get. However, Nest Eggs have also been discontinued, and candy lovers couldn't be more upset. Someone even reached out to Butterfinger on X inquiring about the candy and received a disappointing reply. "Butterfinger Nest Eggs were retired," stated a Butterfinger spokesperson on the social media site. The original poster's response perfectly summed up the profound loss people are experiencing for both Nest Eggs and BB's: "This is a tragedy."

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