Butter Your Toasted Pop-Tarts For An Elevated Taste

Strawberry Pop-Tarts on store shelf
Strawberry Pop-Tarts on store shelf - The Image Party/Shutterstock

While eating cold, untoasted Pop-Tarts can still be a tasty sweet treat that's convenient when you need to grab a quick and easy snack, it's not the most delicious way to enjoy them. Taking a few extra minutes to toast your frosted Pop-Tarts makes a huge difference. Getting the outside a little crispy and heating the interior filling to make it gooey enhances the taste and takes the dichotomy of its textures to the next level.

Of course, many delicious Pop-Tarts flavors are on the market, from brown sugar cinnamon to frosted strawberry or blueberry, and even frosted s'mores. One fact that remains true about every flavor is that putting salted butter on the top of your Pop-Tarts after toasting will unlock a new flavor experience. Since Pop-Tarts are prepackaged food, they can lack the depth of flavors and fresh aromas that are reminiscent of homecooked baked goods.

While using butter on foods like banana bread, pancakes, or even toast is a common occurrence, butter on your Pop-Tarts is more of a hidden gem. The rich and decadent flavors of the fatty butter help to highlight the sugary, frosted coating and complement the savory crust. Plus, if you opt for salted butter, it will pair particularly well with the acidity of your Pop-Tarts' fruit filling. Once you start treating your Pop-Tarts more like an actual breakfast item that needs a little preparation, you might not be able to stop.

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Butter Makes Everything Taste Better

Knife scraping butter block
Knife scraping butter block - PawelKacperek/Shutterstock

Although some people may have spent their whole lives adding butter to their Pop-Tarts, others have never heard of or haven't tried it. One of the frequently asked questions on the Pop-Tarts website is about whether you can pair the pastry with butter. Of course, the answer was a resounding yes, with the site adding, "Our fans love to put butter on their Pop-Tarts, which many say creates a whole new level of mouthwatering flavor."

This sentiment was echoed by people on Reddit, as well. Some raved about the flavor combination of melted butter on toasted Pop-Tarts. One user called it "a thing of beauty," and another even claimed that, once you taste it, "you won't go back to no butter." Interestingly, there seemed to be some disagreement about the best Pop-Tarts flavor to choose, with some commenters insisting that the Pop-Tarts needed to be unfrosted while others were adamant that frosted flavors like cherry, chocolate, and brown sugar were the best.

Of course, picking the Pop-Tarts flavor is up to personal preference, and you may need to try a few combinations before finding the one you think pairs the best with butter. Similarly, experimenting with salted versus unsalted butter is also important. Understandably, it only seems obvious once you've tasted the difference.

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