Busted's James Bourne shares an update with fans after being rushed to hospital

james bourne poses on a red carpet
Busted's James Bourne was rushed to hospitalIan Gavan - Getty Images

Musician and singer-songwriter James Bourne, best known for being one third of the pop rock band Busted, was taken to hospital after being bitten by a Black Widow spider. He has since shared an update about his health – along with the story of what happened – to his 225,000 followers on Instagram.

Also sharing a photo of the bite on his wrist, Bourne wrote that initially he didn't realise anything was wrong, and that it was only after attempting to get an IV drip at a local wellness centre did he discover how serious the bite was.

"I’m finally recovered now (touch wood) from being bitten by a black widow spider," he wrote in the post.

"I did not know how serious my condition was until I was refused an IV drip at my local Next health because I was suffering hypertension with a blood pressure reading of 190/115 mmHg. Apparently that’s quite serious 😅 ."

Bourne added that he then "ended up at the hospital later that night!" but offered some relief to fans by signing off with "anyway, I'm still here, alive and kicking! Cool story bro…".

Bourne lives in LA and it is thought that around 2,500 people in the United States are bitten by Black Widow spiders each year (with most people not requiring medical treatment and less than 10 of those cases proving fatal). Black Widows are not naturally found in the UK.

Here's wishing him a speedy recovery!

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