Burkini Roundup: 15 Of Our Favourite Looks For Beach And Beyond

The Burkini: this summer’s hottest bone of contention. Years ago, it was tape measures at the beach to enforce ‘suitable lengths’ of swimsuits for women. Now, it’s fines and bans for not displaying your baps. Regardless of which side of the argument you find yourself, the burkini offers comfortable, practical protection whether covering for modesty’s sake or to be on the beach against weather conditions. Aheda Zanetti, creator of the burkini says she devised it so that her niece could play netball and to give women freedom. “I wanted to do something positive… It’s just a garment to suit a modest person, or someone who has skin cancer, or a new mother who doesn’t want to wear a bikini, it’s not symbolising Islam”. Since the controversy in France, burkini sales have have doubled, M&S’ burkini range which hit stores in April completely sold out and this year’s olympics saw many Muslim women compete and win medals in comfort and style. So in the spirit of choice and freedom, here’s a roundup of some of our favourite burkini styles and modest sportswear from the catwalk to the beach.