Burger King’s Latest Menu Item Is One You Have to See to Believe

Your inner kid will totally appreciate this.

<p>Burger King</p>

Burger King

When you think of Burger King, you may not think of icy frozen drinks, but the chain has several. It offers Frozen Coke, Fanta Blue Raspberry, and Fanta Wild Cherry. These likely-to-give-you-brain-freeze drinks are regular menu items, and BK adds limited-edition flavors to the lineup once in a while.

Last summer, fans could order a Frozen Fanta Kickin’ Mango to take the heat off when they sank their teeth into Fiery Chicken Nuggets. Now, BK has another limited-time icy frozen drink and a new digital game to go with it.

BK’s All-New Frozen Cotton Candy Cloud Drink

It may look similar to the Frozen Blue Raspberry, but the new Frozen Cotton Candy Cloud has a lighter blue hue. It combines the blue raspberry and a new cotton candy flavor, and fans can add a Cold Foam Cloud on top for an additional charge. Fans can get the sweet treat at participating Burger King menus on April 11 while supplies last.

<p>Burger King</p>

Burger King

Instagram's Snackolator shared the news of Burger King's Frozen Cotton Candy Cloud drink with its followers, and several people were a bit confused by the cold foam. "So is it like a coffee thing or…" questioned one commenter. Snackolator's response was a guess: "I think the cold foam is to make it look nicer and maybe add a little creamsicle kind of texture/flavor to the slush?"

Another commenter thinks it may be "foamed skim or nonfat milk" or combined "heavy cream and 2% with flavor syrups."

But in general, the Instagram account's followers are excited about the new treat with comments such as "Cool! I'll try anything cotton candy flavored" and "Omg I need this."

BK's Digital Cloud Float Game

To accompany the new Cold Foam Cloud, which BK diners can order with any beverage they want, Burger King Royal Perks members can play a new game, Cloud Float, exclusively on the BK app. The game allows users to “soar through the clouds" to collect points they can redeem for Crowns (BK’s version of points to redeem for food), food and drink perks, and yet-to-be-revealed limited-edition swag.

With temperatures on the rise now that we’re fully into spring, BK fans are sure to enjoy this new icy cold treat with a Whopper and fries, that they perhaps can get for free by playing the Cloud Float game.

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