Burger King Just Released a New Version of an Old Favorite

Fans say it's a "bangin' situation."

<p>Burger King</p>

Burger King

The appetizer menu is arguably one of the best things about eating at a sit-down chain restaurant like TGI Fridays or Applebee's. Chicken wings, nachos, loaded fries, sliders, mozzarella sticks—sometimes, making a meal out of just the apps is fun. (By the way, who else misses potato skins? When did they fall out of favor?)

Fast-food restaurants noticed how much diners love these apps and added them to their menus. Arby's has loaded fries. Many places have wings, including KFC and Popeyes. Sonic has mozzarella sticks. Burger King had mozzarella sticks, too, but recently discontinued them.

But BK fans who loved those crispy breaded sticks filled with melty mozzarella can breathe a sigh of relief. The King has replaced mozzarella sticks with something that's essentially the same.

Burger King’s New Mozzarella Fries

YouTube Channel Peep This Out host Ian K swung by his local Burger King to taste test BK's new mozzarella fries in his car, as many fast-food taste testers do.

"They stopped making mozzarella sticks so they could introduce their new... Mozzarella sticks? Lmao," commented one of Ian's followers.

He took a bite of a breaded, fry-shaped mozzarella stick after dipping it in marinara sauce and declared the new menu side a "little mini mozzarella stick." He said they were good and commented on their "nice crispy outer coating" and "decent amount of mozzarella cheese action" inside.

The Burger King Mozzarella Fries come in packs of 4, 8, or 12, along with the marinara dipping sauce. While many of Peep This Out's followers are looking forward to giving these new fries a shot (and his description has us thinking about running out to BK, too), one commenter guesses as to why the restaurant switched from mozzarella sticks to mozzarella fries:

"Thinner mozzarella sticks so they can give you more breading and less cheese." And they might be right. Might this be a case of creative shrinkflation? It's hard to tell since the product has completely changed.

Still, if they're as good as the YouTube host said, they may be worth trying at least once. 

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