Burger King Is Cheesing Up The Holiday Season With New Melts And Tots

Burger King's melt and tots
Burger King's melt and tots - Burger King

Burger King is bringing BK Melts back to the menu for a limited time beginning December 7, according to a press release sent to Daily Meal. The sandwiches were previously available from March to May 2023, after they were first introduced in 2022.

All of the melts start with a base of two Whopper Jr. burger patties and stacker sauce sandwiched between slices of toasted bread. Two melts — the Classic and Bacon options — are returning sandwiches. The Classic adds American cheese and caramelized onions, while the Bacon Melt mimics the Classic, with the addition of the named protein layered on, as well.

The Shroom n' Swiss Melt, however, is brand new to menus after a successful test run earlier this year. This sandwich swaps out American cheese in favor of Swiss and adds sautéed mushrooms in lieu of the caramelized onions.

The melts will be available for a limited time at participating Burger King locations. They aren't the only short-term addition, though: Cheesy tots will also be making a comeback.

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Fan-Favorite Cheesy Tots Are Returning

Burger King cheesy tots
Burger King cheesy tots - Facebook

Cheesy tots will return to menus on December 7, as well. The side dish combines shredded potatoes and cheese into bite-sized tots, which are fried to a perfect golden brown exterior. The tots come and go from menus sporadically, and were last available to order in 2021, per the press release. The cheesy tater tots will be available for purchase in quantities of four or eight tots per package.

Fans online had strong reactions to the announcement. One social media user posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, "Burger King is bringing back cheesy tots. There is a god and they are answering my prayers." Another user tweeted about the cheesy tots, saying "I really don't know why they don't just keep it on the menu cause it's the only reason I even go there." In fact, there's even a dedicated Facebook page to bring back the cheesy tots with over three thousand members, so the cheesy side certainly seems to be a fan favorite.

There's currently no set end date for the cheesy tots and melts run; the press release notes that they will be available while supplies last in participating restaurants, so it's best to run, not walk, to score these menu items while you can.

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