Burger King Has 5 New Items on the Menu

You’ll get a kick out of them.

<p>Burger King/Allrecipes</p>

Burger King/Allrecipes

It's official: the spicy food trend shows no signs of waning. Hot sauce sales are booming. Earlier this year, iconic hot sauce brand Frank’s introduced four new dipping sauces with added heat. Pizza Hut just released four new pizzas; one has a spicy marinara sauce. McDonald’s brought back its Spicy Chicken McNuggets in March for a "limited time", but it's still on the menu, perhaps because Mickey D’s knows that spicy gets diners in the door (or drive-thru).

Now Burger King is ramping up the heat on its menu, adding to its current spicy items, including its Fiery Nuggets and Fiery Buffalo Royal Crispy Wrap. Starting July 18, five new offerings will burn your mouth to varying degrees—in the best way.

Burger King Has 5 New Fiery Menu Items

<p>Burger King</p>

Burger King

Burger King says the spice levels on these five new Fiery items—which include entrées, snacks, and even a drink— range from “mild to wild,” and guests can pick based on how much heat they think they can handle.

"We know that our guests crave spice packed full of flavor when they come to BK, but spice looks different for everybody," says Pat O'Toole, Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King North America. "As a brand that is built on letting guests "Have It Your Way," we're excited to offer a range of products that appeal to everyone–from those who want just a little kick to those who can't get enough heat."

Arranged from mild to wild, these are the new five Fiery items at Burger King:

  • Fiery Strawberry & Sprite (Spice Level 1): Sprite with a fiery strawberry purée that has just a bit of a kick.

  • Fiery Mozzarella Fries (Spice Level 2): In May, BK introduced mozzarella fries. Now, it’s offering them a fiery version that adds peppers to the mozzarella filling. The filling is surrounded by a fiery Calabrian pepper-infused breading before getting fried to golden-brown perfection.

  • Fiery Bacon Whopper (Spice Level 3): This quarter-pound burger is topped with crispy fiery-seasoned bacon, pepperjack cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and creamy Fiery Sauce—all on a toasted sesame seed bun.

  • Fiery Chicken Fries (Spice Level 4): White meat Chicken Fries are marinated with a fiery seasoning and coated in savory garlic and pepper breading.

  • Fiery Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich (Spice Level 5): The hottest of the bunch, this sandwich features breaded chicken coated with a fiery glaze and topped with crispy, fiery-seasoned bacon, pepperjack cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and creamy Fiery Sauce.

To counterbalance the heat you might feel, Burger King is adding soothing Hidden Valley Ranch dip cups to its menu (which are included with orders of the Fiery Mozzarella Fries and the Fiery Chicken Fries). You can add the dip cups to any order. And guess what? The cups are here to stay permanently.

Burger King is only offering these five new items that bring the heat for a limited time, so if you’re excited about this new Fiery menu, get to Burger King before they’re gone.

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