Burberry to Open on Avenue Montaigne, in Former Valentino Space

CHANNEL CROSSING: Burberry is making more moves in Paris, following the opening of its flagship last year on Rue Saint-Honoré, WWD has learned.

Early next year Burberry will open a store at 17 to 19 Avenue Montaigne, Valentino’s former home, and the hoardings are already up.

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The Italian brand has since moved up the prestigious thoroughfare to number 35, the former location of the Canadian embassy in Paris.

Burberry, which publishes its interim results on Thursday, declined to reveal further details.

Last year Burberry opened a three-story Paris flagship catty-corner to the massive Dior and Chanel locations. It was an expression of the brand’s upscaling drive — and the first store on the continent to feature its new design concept.

The 8,500-square-foot flagship replaced a previous Burberry unit on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, an extension of the same thoroughfare which has lost some momentum in recent years.

Burberry has been working its way around the world, opening or refurbishing stores with a new and more airy interior concept introduced in 2021 and recently updated by chief creative officer Daniel Lee.

In June the brand reopened its flagship on New Bond Street in London with a focus on the high-end customer and luxury interiors and services that could rival those of a five-star hotel.

The store, located on one of the world’s prime retail strips, had been under refurbishment for two years and reflects a more modern and minimal design concept, which Burberry unveiled in its Knightsbridge store in 2021.

The store concept has been evolving in order to accommodate a bigger focus on accessories and a fresh approach to color and branding by Lee, who made his debut for the brand in February.

The 22,000-square-foot space spans three floors, and is a showcase for British luxury.

The space is bright with wide open floor space and fixtures designed to make the clothing and accessories pop. The design is pared back, and the star of the show is the merchandise.

There are white walls with matching floors, which are interrupted now and again with shiny, Art Deco-style tiles arranged in a checkerboard pattern.

Flashes of color and texture appear across the space in the form of chubby chairs or swirling rugs covered in intense cobalt blue, Burberry’s new color. A soft bouclé sofa is made for lingering, while gold-tinged fixtures add another dash of Art Deco.

Sculptural wood furniture dotted around the space adds a midcentury modern touch.

The ground floor is dedicated to accessories, a primary focus for Burberry.

Lee’s imprint is also on the store’s façade, which was restored in smooth Portland stone, and which is adorned with new, cobalt blue Burberry knight flags.

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