Bundt Pan Burritos Are A Genius, Mess-Free Way To Serve A Crowd

burrito cut in half on wood board
burrito cut in half on wood board - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Among the countless clever cooking hacks we've all seen, tried, and sometimes failed (looking at you, toaster quesadillas), the most ingenious tips and tricks have always been those that make everyday cooking and entertaining look effortless and fun. So we were delighted to stumble upon this unexpectedly genius Mexican food hack you never knew you needed but that you'll be forever changed by: the bundt pan burrito.

What exactly is a bundt pan burrito? It's a game-changing, mess-free, cooking hack which utilizes a surprising kitchen staple commonly used for desserts and breads -- a bundt pan -- to make a layered "burrito" that is large enough to feed a group of people. Yes, good folks, whether you're prepping for the big game, planning a milestone birthday party for a good friend, or preparing to entertain an incredibly hungry uncle, this one has "serious crowd-pleaser" written in every single slice-and-serve layer.

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How To Make A Burrito In A Bundt Pan

gound beef and taco fillings
gound beef and taco fillings - Maren Winter/Shutterstock

It's important to note first that the bundt pan burrito is not a completely effortless recipe — you will have to do a little bit of cooking and preparation. But it's still incredibly easy to make and so delicious it's worth its minimal prep. Before layering your ingredients, you'll need to spray your bundt pan generously with cooking spray (so that your burrito flips out easily), line it with pre-cut tortilla strips, and — very importantly — cook your taco meat thoroughly beforehand.

Yes, you'll be layering fully cooked ingredients into your bundt pan, so that you can ensure a meal that's as safe to eat as is it delicious. Then you can layer away to your liking, as in this video from @MethodicalMuses, who posted this TikTok showing the process of alternating layers of meat, tortilla strips, cheese, olives, salsa, and even tortilla chips for an extra crunch:

This genius hack seems to check out as an incredibly solid, functional way to keep your burrito from becoming messy. Additionally, the baking process fuses the ingredients together enough so that the burrito is quite easy to cut and serve in slices — as you would a regular bundt cake — when ready. Sounds like a burrito win.

And That's Not All You Can Do With A Bundt Pan

bundt pan on marble surface
bundt pan on marble surface - Arina P Habich/Shutterstock

The popularity of the bundt pan has grown substantially since its introduction into America's kitchen in 1950, and in recent years they're being used for more than cakes and desserts. Many amateur and professional cooks have discovered quite a few creative ways to utilize bundt pans, making use of their fluted edges and distinctive donut shape for all kinds of dishes in addition to the burrito.

People are making crispy chicken roasts using a bundt pan, as the center column of the pan helps create 360 degrees of crispy skin. Both the standard and mini varieties are also being used to create ice rings for punch bowls, a clever hack to keep ice from melting quickly, and it looks pretty too. The bundt pan's unique construction makes it easy to use to cut corn off the cob by firmly pushing the cob down into the center hole of the pan, which removes the corn more easily than using a knife. You can even layer pasta noodles, sauce, and toppings to make bundt pan lasagna. In other words, if you've got a bundt pan, you've got more than just desserts.

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