Bullard high school seniors participate in day of service

May 7—Bullard High School seniors took part Tuesday in what is now a six-year tradition of community service.

"Seniors Serving Seniors" included a variety of outdoor chores at 16 sites. Mowing and trimming lawns, weeding, basic repairs and painting were among the tasks completed by the high school students.

"Seniors Serving Seniors is one of our favorite traditions at BHS," Associate Principal Chris Pawlak said. "The Bullard community is very supportive of our schools. Our seniors enjoy taking time to show their gratitude by helping meet the needs of our local senior citizens."

Kerly Lara said it was exciting to be part of the tradition.

"I've seen my friends [participate] year after year and I was like it's finally my turn. It's really nice to be here. I think that this is a really awesome opportunity that Bullard has given all its seniors," she said. "We have to help them out, especially when they're not able to do it. They've been helping us out all their lives."

Legend McLeod and Makalynn Santellan both viewed the event as an opportunity to show appreciation.

"I've looked forward to it. I'm excited to be here. I like helping people. I know these other seniors really like helping too," Santellan said. "They are part of our community and we're just happy to do it."

Santellan also said the event provided a tangible way for students to express their gratitude as opposed to offering mere words.

McLeod agreed with Santellan's sentiments.

"It's a final, solid way to thank the members of the community. We're very limited on what we can do as a school, as a student body," McLeod said. "We can show our appreciation right now and I'm thankful for this opportunity. We're happy to help them."

The seniors provided the labor for each of the tasks and the school provided gloves, paint, brushes, tools and equipment necessary for the various work projects.

A teacher at one of the work sites commented on the benefits for both community and school.

"I think that [Seniors Serving Seniors] benefits the community because we have a lot of people here that have a lot of needs, especially in the area of their yards. They're elderly and they can't get out and do in this heat," Tammy Griffith said. "We have some seniors that are capable of doing that work and I think it teaches them humility and understanding and compassion."