Bulk Up Your Baked Sweet Potatoes With A Canned Lentil Topping

Baked sweet potato next to a top-down view of an open can of lentils
Baked sweet potato next to a top-down view of an open can of lentils - Static Media/Shutterstock/Getty

When you think you've tried every possible topping for baked sweet potatoes, we have another one for you: ready-made canned lentils. Layering the protein-packed ingredient on top of your next batch of sweet potatoes will not only up the nutritional content of your dish, but will also provide the satisfying textural addition your favorite side has been missing.

Whether you choose to make twice-baked sweet potatoes with crumbles of crunchy bacon or are catering to vegan diners at your dinner party, adding a quick topping of canned lentils to the surface of your dish before popping it into the oven can help you upgrade your recipes with little effort.

Plus, with so many different kinds of lentils to choose from -- think brown, green, red, puy, and black, to start -- you won't be lacking culinary inspiration anytime soon. Top these lentil-crowned potatoes with your choice of smoked paprika or a quick dusting of cinnamon for a sweeter, earthier bite, and your dishes will be ready to serve, surprise, and delight your dinner guests.

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A Baked Sweet Potato For Every Palate

Closeup of a baked sweet potato with butter and spices
Closeup of a baked sweet potato with butter and spices - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Check the label of your store-bought canned lentils before adding them to your sweet potatoes. You may want to prepare the lentils separately and present them to serve buffet style so that diners can dress up plates of sweet potatoes as they choose. Lentils can easily be set alongside pretty dishes of sour cream, chopped chives, and cheeses of your choice so that each eater can build the mouthfuls that are just right for their palates.

Consider using the spices and seasonings you enjoy in some of your curries to bring extra zing to these muscled-up potatoes: Cumin, turmeric, red pepper flakes, cilantro, and coriander all have a place in your next baked sweet potato bar. Once you've set out lentils, you can get creative with topping your potatoes with other unconventional ingredients like chopped nuts and sweet corn. In time, lentils may also make surprise guest appearances in your other sweet potato-based dishes like grilled sweet potato salads and stir fry recipes.

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