Build Special Forces Fitness With This Explosive Partner Workout

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Photo credit: @mhardy_photo
Photo credit: @mhardy_photo

As a member of one of the most elite fighting forces in the world, Anthony Stazicker knew that fitness was a vital tool in his armoury. As a former sniper in the SBS and co-founder of the high-performance apparel brand ThruDark, Staz has solid frame carrying slabs of muscle from top to toe, very little body fat and a lot of tattoos. He is the definition of Tier 1 strength and conditioning.

He regularly beasts himself with challenging workouts he lightly refers to as 'jamborees', both to stay sharp and to put ThruDark's Force Velocity activewear to the test. But do not be fooled by the fun name - they are heavy, hard work. Fortunately, for this session programmed for the MH Squad, Staz is tasking you and a buddy with getting the work done between you.

You're going to be doing 15 reps of each movement for a total of 5 rounds. When one partner is repping out, the other is going to be cranking away on the air bike.

“Misery loves company, and this Jamboree works best when you’ve got someone in the trenches next to you," says Staz. "The Assault Bike in particular will sap any willpower you’ve got left so you’ll need to dig deep through those later sets to get over the line!

"It can be tempting to skip or ‘miscount’ a rep on some of the more repetitive exercises, like the box jumps or pull ups. So make sure to keep yourself accountable or call out your partner if you catch them slacking. Accountability is the key to development."

Find the workout details below, and check out the video of Thrudark's recent 429 Alpha air-soft event. Not featured in the video, unfortunately, is me getting shot repeatedly by the other of Thurdark's founders and also an ex-SBS operative, Louis Tinsley. Shame.

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