Bryan Adams came closest to death while skydiving

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Bryan Adams' parachute didn't open credit:Bang Showbiz
Bryan Adams' parachute didn't open credit:Bang Showbiz

Bryan Adams nearly died in a skydiving accident.

The 63-year-old singer jumped out of a plane and thinks almost went badly wrong when his parachute got tangled up around his body, though he didn't explain when the terrifying incident happened.

Asked the closest he has come to death, he said: "Skydiving: the parachute got tangled around my legs."

The 'Summer of 69' hitmaker - who has has two daughters with Alicia Grimaldi - also revealed he doesn't have sex as often as he thinks he should.

He told the Guardian newspaper's Saturday magazine: "My doc says men need sex 27 times a month for a healthy prostate, but who actually gets that?"

But it seems Bryan doesn't mind.

Asked if he'd rather have more sex, money, or fame, he replied: "Just a cup of tea would be fine."

Meanwhile, the 'Run To You' hitmaker recalled how embarrassed he felt when he met Eric Clapton and accidentally called the legendary guitarist by the wrong name.

He confessed: "[My most embarrassing moment was] walking with Eric Clapton’s tour manager Mick to meet Eric backstage, and when I met Eric I said, 'Hi Mick.'

"I wanted to die."

Bryan recently admitted he'd be "thrilled" if no one ever remembered him.

He said: “I couldn’t care less if I’m remembered or not. In fact, if I woke up tomorrow and there was no trace of me on the internet, I’d be thrilled.”

However, Bryan admitted he’s had one legacy suggested to him that he enjoys the idea of.

He added: “Although… I once did an interview with a Brazilian journalist who asked me if I knew how many kisses my songs were responsible for.

“I had never thought about that before. He calculated that it would be in the billions. I really liked that.

“Imagine being responsible for a billion kisses! That would be okay with me, because without love we are nothing. So to be able to bring a little love into this world… that means everything to me.”