Brussels Sprouts Are The Unexpected Pizza Topping Ina Garten Swears By

Pizza with Brussels sprouts
Pizza with Brussels sprouts - Il Lazzarone St Joseph / Facebook

Brussels sprouts have certainly earned their spot at the Thanksgiving table, but one celebrity chef believes they truly belong on pizza. Ina Garten praised the Brussels sprouts cacio e pepe pizza from Martina Pizzeria in New York City, which is now closed, in a 2018 Instagram post. The pie was served covered in brussels sprouts, pecorino cheese, and black pepper, and Garten said in her post that it may be her "favorite pizza ever."

Martina Pizzeria's former chef Nick Anderer, who Garten thanked in the post, told Town and Country in 2018 that the Food Network chef's compliments brought in an influx of new customers. The restaurant also saw a rise in the number of people ordering pizza with Brussels sprouts. Fans were drooling over the photo of the pie in the comment section of Garten's Instagram post. "OK, pizza with Brussels sounds amazing!!!" wrote one commenter.

It's natural to feel skeptical. Brussels sprouts and pizza are an unlikely pairing. If you're still on the fence, consider all of the delicious potential that this cruciferous vegetable offers.

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Garten Recreated Her Favorite Pie

Pile of Brussels sprouts
Pile of Brussels sprouts - Ina Gartebn

Ina Garten is like the Oprah of food because her fans are devoted to believing in the recipes, dishes, and products she endorses. If she says it's fabulous, there's a good chance it is. That seems to be the case with her most loved pizza topping. Garten's Instagram announcement that her favorite pizza is a Brussels sprouts cacio e pepe pizza from Martina Pizzeria kicked off enthusiasm about eating this vegetable in new ways.

Brussels sprouts bring color, flavor, and nutrition to pizza. Garten harnessed these qualities when she recreated her favorite pie for the Food Network and referenced the New York pizzeria where it originated. Her version is more elaborate than Martina's. She piles on a homemade béchamel sauce, pecorino Romano, parmesan, Brussels sprouts, and pancetta before putting it in the oven.

Garten's version of this pizza recipe got mixed reviews in the comment section. On one end of the spectrum, one person said it was the best pizza they'd ever had. Another contributed that the recipe was time consuming but worth the effort. Others weren't impressed. "I just think this recipe was too bland, and all you could taste was the Brussel sprouts," wrote one commenter. Another didn't like the pairing of pancetta with pecorino. "It didn't help that the pecorino Romano tasted funky and the pancetta was extremely salty," they wrote. To each their own.

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