Brunello Cucinelli’s Eyewear Is the Epitome of Italian Luxury

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Cucinelli Eyewear Is the Epitome of Italian LuxuryCOURTESY OF BRUNELLO CUCINELLI

When it comes to capturing the aspirational Italian lifestyle—think sun-drenched days in the Umbrian countryside, aperitivos by the Arno, and evenings spent amongst palazzos and piazzas—no one does it better than Brunello Cucinelli. The designer, who famously headquartered his business in the picturesque medieval village of Solomeo, started off with exquisite cashmere before expanding into a full collection of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories. Now, four and a half decades into his career, he’s both an avatar and a purveyor of a certain breed of understated luxury that’s impossible not to appreciate.

But even fashion industry legends can’t do everything all at once. And that’s why, aside from a capsule collection with Oliver Peoples that was introduced in 2021, eyewear has long been absent from the Cucinelli lineup. Well now, thanks to a new deal with EssilorLuxottica (which also happens to own Oliver Peoples), there’s a proper, in-house line of Brunello Cucinelli sunglasses and optical frames that blend made-in-Italy construction with the designer’s distinctive point of view.

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There are five collections within the broader assortment of styles (priced from $643 to $2,709), each with a slightly different aesthetic. “Sartorial Sunset” spans seven different styles that combine materials like horn and acetate with metals like titanium and put the focus squarely on the intersection of tradition and innovation. Inspired by coat of arms of Solomeo, the “Iconic Meridian” collection—with its embedded cores, riveted hinges, and custom-made functional metal elements—is all about the expression of high-level craftsmanship. “Intarsia Rays” also nods to the Solomeo coat of arms, but leans more heavily into pattern and meticulous detailing. Finally, “Timeless Reflections” (which nods to the Brunello Cucinelli high jewelry collection) and “Aurora Ancestry” offer more feminine frame shapes.

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Celebrating in true Italian style, Brunello Cucinelli himself hosted the launch event in the beautiful Villa Aurelia, perched upon the highest point of Rome, with views capturing the grandeur of the city. Guests watched as models strolled through the lush gardens, each showcasing the brand’s range and versatility. With the ancient city in the background and an array of modern glamor in the fore, it was a masterclass in la dolce vita—and a perfect encapsulation of what makes Cucinelli’s work so compelling in the first place.

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