Brow Art Is Really Having a Wild Moment Right Now

Brow art, including feathered brows pictured here, is everywhere right now. (Photo: Instagram/athenapaginton)

Move over, microblading. There are a couple of eyebrow trends on the rise that have nothing to do with perfect arches and everything to do with individuality.

First up: feathered eyebrows. Makeup artist Stella Sironen set the Internet on fire by posting a photo of a model flaunting your not-so-everyday brow look. Sironen created a feather-like effect that parts the brow horizontally down the middle with the hairs on the top half combed up and hairs on the bottom half combed down.

The product that holds it all in place: a glue stick. While we wouldn’t normally recommend a glue stick anywhere near your face, it’s a go-to pick if you want to get a jump-start on taking the feathered brow trend for a test drive. On April 19, Sironen posted another peacock feathered brow photo, noting, “I know that brows are a sacred part of the face, but consider this: There is lip art and eye art and tons of different forms of creative makeup; why is experimenting with brows so strange?”

While she poses the question of why people are finding it strange, many followers of her work don’t find it strange at all. The Finland-based artist admits that it all started as a joke — but the reality is that she has, in fact, started a “new thing” people can’t get quite get enough of.

Take a look at this YouTube star’s cool feathered brow breakdown below.

Just when you thought the brow art craze would stop there — nope, a new(ish) one is on the horizon. Makeup artists are trying their hands at creating barbed-wire brows. Skin care therapist Sara Jean posted an Instagram photo of a model with spiked and separated eyebrows on April 21; Jean credited the look to athenapaginton, who originally posted a picture of a model with barbed-wire eyebrows on March 10. The post has garnered more than 23,000 likes, but people have mixed feelings about this one. One person wrote “This needs to stop” under Jean’s photo. Another praised the look, by writing “your work is amazing!”

Slowly but surely, the barbed-wire brow is picking up steam and will more than likely get just as much heat as the feathered brow. Another makeup enthusiast, Sara, posted her version of the look on Instagram and noted that the only products she used were a glue stick and moisturizer.

Nail art has dominated for the past few years. Lip art also is becoming a thing. Now brow art could be added to the long laundry list of weird beauty trends. What could be next?

Perhaps rainbow brows, anyone?

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