The 'brother' figures Prince William leans on when 'the going gets tough'

 Prince William, Prince of Wales visits Fistral Beach on May 9, 2024 in Newquay, England.
Prince William, Prince of Wales visits Fistral Beach on May 9, 2024 in Newquay, England.

A royal expert has revealed the brother figures Prince William has come to rely on for 'love and support' in the absence of Prince Harry - and they're always there for him when 'the going gets tough.'

While royal fans have undoubtedly been missing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's presence in royal life since they stepped down as senior royals, the saddest part of their departure is not us not getting to see them – it's the breakdown of the family relationship.

Many fans have long been wishing to see some of Harry and Prince William's cutest and most iconic brother moments recreated, hoping that the brothers could rekindle their dwindling relationship. But, especially with Harry's recent trips to the UK not ending in even a brief meeting with his father or brother, it seems like we're going to be kept wanting.

Many experts thought that Harry would be a vital pillar for his brother Prince William after news of both King Charles III's and Kate Middleton's cancer diagnosis' broke, but one royal expert has revealed that William has instead found brother figures closer to home, who are there to support him 'when the going gets tough.' The first? His cousin, Peter Phillips.

Prince William and Peter Phillips
Prince William and Peter Phillips

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Speaking to OK! Magazine, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond revealed that Peter Phillips is a more natural choice for support for William, with the cousin being a 'solid' personality to step in when Harry 'will not'.

"When two people in a family fall out, it makes life very difficult not only for them, but for the rest of the family too," Bond said. "Loyalties are tested and there is no easy answer. This is a time when William needs all the love and support he can get from his family. His brother is not, and will not, be here to help or provide a shoulder to cry on.

"And so I’m really glad that William has a cousin who is almost like a a brother to him in Peter Phillips."

Describing Peter's personality, the expert said, "Peter is incredibly down to earth, solid and has been there for both William and Harry in good and bad times. He formed a physical bridge between them when Harry came back for their grandfather’s funeral as he walked between the brothers - as if to keep the peace."

As for William's other brother figure, he has found support in the fun-loving royal Mike Tindall who is married to his cousin Zara Tindall. Mike and William's friendship has long been a source of delight for royal fans, with insight like Mike's cheeky nickname for William giving us a glimpse into their strong friendship.

Prince William and Mike Tindall
Prince William and Mike Tindall

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"I can imagine the three of them having a lot of fun together," the expert said of William, Peter and Mike. "This is William’s inner circle. People he can trust absolutely and who are showing that they are there for him when the going gets tough."

She added that the friendships can give us a hint of what The Firm may look like under William's leadership when he becomes King, a time that's growing closer as he now sits first in the royal line of succession. The Prince reportedly has some 'drastic plans' for the monarchy and this strong band of friends will be vital in supporting him, the expert believes.

"I think it gave us a glimpse of the future for when William becomes King," she said. "He may not have his brother at his side, but he will have a band of loyal and close relatives to help him represent the monarchy. I’m sure that, whenever they can, they will step up to help William when the burden of Kingship finally falls on his shoulders.”