Brooklyn Beckham Puts A Super Weird Thing In His Bolognese

Brooklyn Beckham Puts A Super Weird Thing In His Bolognese

Brooklyn Beckham has this week had to take to Instagram to defend a very unusual ingredient in his classic bolognese recipe.

Brooklyn, who has become somewhat of a social media chef, revealed in an Instagram post yesterday that he puts a wine cork in his spag bol.

Now, we've seen a fair few weird recipes and hacks here at Delish, but this is a true first. Putting something entirely inedible in your bolognese? Bizarre.

Although Brooklyn didn't explicitly mention the cork in the caption of the post, fans were quick to spot it in the pan, leaving comments like "Only here for the comments pointing out the cork 😭🤣" and "Why are you cooking the cork for bro?"

You'd have to be pretty beady-eyed to spot it, but it is indeed there along with what looks like a pretty standard bolognese.

He captioned the post with "Daddy day care ❤️" and also appears to be stroking his small dog while stirring the bolognese (which is a recipe for dog hair in your dinner if you ask us).

In response to the comments, Brooklyn took to his Instagram stories to explain his method, saying that adding a wine cork to the pot helps create a "more tender dish."

Brooklyn shared that he'd found the tip in a newspaper, sharing the quote from the article that "more research ensued and we found information that the addition of wine corks added to the cooking liquid ensured a more tender dish." However, the rest of the article suggests that the technique is mostly used for cooking octopus and squid rather than bolognese.

If you like it Brooklyn you go for it, but we can't promise we'll be doing the same...