Brookfield Zoo's Polar Bears Enjoy Chicago's Snowy Weather

Brookfield Zoo's Polar Bears Enjoy Chicago's Snowy Weather. Brookfield Zoo’s polar bears, seemed to really enjoy the cold weather in the Chicago area on 25 January 2023 - as they frolicked in the snow at Brookfield Zoo. The bears—16-year-old Hudson and 7-year-old Hope—really enjoy playing and rolling around in the new snow. As you can see, Hudson was a particular fan of the new cold white carpet he found in his enclosure. He played with a snowman keepers had built for him as a method of enrichment. He also rubbed himself in the snow - which is perfect for soothing any troublesome itches - and even played a bit of football. Hope arrived from Utah’s Hogle Zoo in 2021, joining Hudson as a possible mate. In the wild, polar bears are solitary except during the breeding season, which takes place from late March to early June, and when females are raising their cubs. Polar bears are currently listed as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The main threat of the species’ decline is due to reduced access to their main source of food—seal—due to climate change melting the sea ice and other environmental factors.