Brooke Shields, Chelsea Handler, Juliette Lewis and more join SKIMS campaign to talk about body confidence

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Brooke Shields, Chelsea Handler and Juliette Lewis are among the latest celebrity names joining the SKIMS family for the brand's biggest bra campaign yet.

The model, comedian and actress appear alongside Cassie, Becky G and Indya Moore in a series of content debuted on social media on Tuesday to honor female confidence while wearing different styles of the SKIMS bra. The campaign stars also revealed when they feel sexiest.

"I feel the most comfortable when I'm skiing topless because that;s my favorite activity. And I feel comfortable being nude," Handler, 47, said in the campaign video. "I definitely feel like more women should be topless more often because there are too many men that are topless and they shouldn't be. If you're allowed to show your gross bodies, then we should be allowed to show our beautiful bodies."

The comedian shared that she hadn't fully been comfortable in her body until she turned 40. "For a long time I was very embarrassed of how big my breasts were. I would duct tape them down before I went to school," she shared. Now, she's able to understand "that my boobs are awesome."

Brooke Shields, Chelsea Handler and more join latest SKIMS campaign. (Photo: Vanessa Beecroft)
Brooke Shields, Chelsea Handler and more join latest SKIMS campaign. (Photo: Vanessa Beecroft)

Lewis, 49, similarly faced an evolution when it came to self-love and body image, expressing that she longed for a figure that she didn't have when she was growing up.

"I used to want my name to be Tammy and I wanted big boobs and hips. So how have I changed? I love being small breasted, almost boyish at times and I like muscle," she said.

Shields, 57, made an appearance in a bra and underwear while talking about her idea of self-confidence.

Brooke Shields strips down for latest SKIMS campaign. (Photo: Vanessa Beecroft)
Brooke Shields strips down for latest SKIMS campaign. (Photo: Vanessa Beecroft)

"What inspires me and what impresses me the most about the female body is its just sheer strength. It seems like there's primal cellular memory in the female body. It's capable of so much," she said. "Confidence to me is sexy. I think that from confidence comes a sexiness."

The supermodel even praised tennis player Steffi Graf for being a longtime inspiration to Shields.

"I think one of the most perfect bodies is my ex-husband's wife," Shields said referring to Andre Agassi and wife Graf. "I had her legs on my mirror for about, god, 15, 20 years and then he had to go marry those legs."

A SKIMS press release provided to Yahoo Life explains that the latest campaign aims to bring various types of women together through the shared celebration of "individuality and confidence." Hence the inclusion of models of all ages, lifestyles, careers and cultural backgrounds.

"We want all women to feel comfortable in their bras, but more importantly, confident. This is SKIMS biggest campaign yet, and I couldn't be more honored to have worked with the amazing women who brought it to life," co-founder Kim Kardashian said in a statement. "Confidence starts within, and with this campaign, we are bringing all women together to celebrate all bodies and individuality."

For trans, nonbinary actress Moore, self-confidence comes "from my sense of understanding freedom," while sexiness to singer Becky G is similarly more of "a feeling" than "a look."

Cassie, a 36-year-old mother of two, embraces her motherhood as a big part of her self-love journey, explaining that she used to be more invested in her appearance.

Cassie joins latest SKIMS campaign. (Photo: Vanessa Beecroft)
Cassie joins latest SKIMS campaign. (Photo: Vanessa Beecroft)

"I got my breasts done when I was very young and not that I wish that I didn't but I don't love my boobs for the way they look," she says, "but I love that I was able to feed my children."

This isn't the first time that SKIMS has featured inclusivity in one of its campaigns, as the brand has been celebrated for its selection of spokespeople since Alice Marie Johnson modeled the line in 2019. However, the SKIMS Bra campaign is said to be the biggest, featuring 50 women with diverse backgrounds.

"When you finally see a model with a bust and body that embodies what you have, but have been manipulated to think that it is not normal or sexy or beautiful by the brands that you lusted for as a teen and the magazines you religiously read cover to cover, you know the world and 'standard' has changed and finally embraces you and your body," somebody commented on the brand's Instagram.

Another wrote, "Beautiful representation."

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